Get to the starting line race-ready.

Ever watched a triathlon and thought, “I want to do that someday”?

What if we told you that you could make “someday” a reality very soon? You don’t have to be fast, or even able to swim, balance on a bike, or run yet. We can start from scratch and get you to the starting line of your first or nth race injury-free, prepared, and with the confidence needed to succeed.

What do you need? When do you need it? Why should you do it? Hiring a coach to help schedule and organise your training helps you balance your life to prevent injuries and burnout.

Lean on the experience of an athlete with over 10 years of coaching multiple disciplines from cross-country, indoor and outdoor track, swimming, cycling, road running, and trail running.

Danny Robdrup, head coach of Zephyrs Endurance Coaching

Danny Robdrup is the head coach of Zephyrs Endurance Coaching (DIP Ex Sci, AFLCA, CSEP CPT). Based out of Alberta, Canada, Danny competes in triathlons while coaching all aspects of endurance events. He is also the race director for the Lethbridge Kids of Steel and President of the Southern Alberta Multisport Society. Working with athletes is his passion and helping all people reach their potential.

Zephyrs Endurance Coaching offers single-sport and multisport coaching online. Coaching under Zephyrs Endurance includes membership in the MX Endurance network with its host of benefits including team partner discounts, access to team experts, and much more.

Single-Sport Coaching

  • Open water or Pool Swim Training
  • Off-Road and Road Cycling
  • XC, Track, Trail, Road Race and Ultra Running

Multisport Coaching

  • Triathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Aqua Bike
  • Aquathlon
  • Super Sprint (Super League)

Swim, Bike, Run Analysis

  • Swim form video analysis - gain free speed, reduce wasted energy, and prevent injury
  • Bike fit and adjustments throughout plan/season - improve power and efficiency as you stay comfortable in the saddle for longer while avoiding injury
  • Run gait analysis - become more efficient and reduce injury risk