MX Endurance has partnered with Today's Plan to provide our members with a state-of-the-art training platform and to ensure that all of our training plans and sessions are personalised to you at all stages of your training.

The first step to accessing our entire library of MX Endurance plans and sessions is to sign up with Today's Plan.


Step 1

After you have hit the link you will be required to accept some terms and conditions. Note, if you do not see the MX Endurance branding you are registering for a regular Today's Plan account and will not automatically have access to our training resources.

Accept the T&Cs

Step 2

Using your email to for your account set a password that you will use to log in and out of your account. Pick an email that you use regularly as you will receive emails every day telling you what your session is for the next day. Also select your country and timezone.

Email and password to set up your account.

Step 3

You're in! You have created your account. The next step is to personalise your account. Here you can select either metric or imperial and set your weight, age and gender. This information is used for a number of calcualtions and assumptions run by the system and is not publically viewable.

select what units you want Today's Plan to display

Step 4

Next up is to select what sort of account suits you best. If you are working with one of our MX Endurance or network coaches select "I have a coach" but for accessing our training resources select "I train myself."

If you are looking for a coach, get in touch with one of ours.

Today's Plan have a great guide to help you get started

Step 5

Today's Plan personalises all sessions based on your individual zones. This means that each of our training plan and every MX session will show you how YOU should complete the session based on where your fitness and skill levels are. In order for this to work you need to input as much information as you can. If you know your threshold values you can put them into your profile. Alternatively, if you are not sure what your threshold zones are or want to calculate them click here.

As you train and your values improve, Today's Plan will detect these improvements and update your zones.

Inout your threshold scores or you can do the tests to work them out.

Step 6

Now that you are all set up it is time to select your plan. The next screen you will see is your calendar. This is where you will see your weekly training plan and where you can add your MX Endurance training plan. The window on the right hand side of the screen needs to be on 'Plans' and 'Event/Race' should be expanded.

Step 7

Once you have the list of plans open you simply need to select which plan is the right plan for you. For a detailed look at the breakdown of each training plan you can head to to see the structure of each plan. The names on our website should match the training plan you want to use in Today's Plan.

All the MX plans should appear on the right hand side of the screen

*If for any reason the right hand window is not appearing for you, simply click on the [>] red box that will open the right hand window.

the red arrow is there next to Sunday.

Step 8

Using an MX Endurance training plan in Today's Plan is as simple as clicking and dragging the plan to the start date of your choice. By default, all of our plans start on a Monday but you can start them on any day of the week you will like. Once you have dropped the plan onto your start date your calendar will auto-populate all of your training sessions.

If you are using one of our plans for a specific event, simply count back the number of weeks from race day. This will ensure that your plan finishes on the day of your race.

Simply click and drag the plan you want to use.

Step 9

Now that you have your plan selected and in place you might want to know how to follow your plan. If you click on any session in your calendar a window containing the description of your workout as well as the zones (depending on what you set) for the workout.

If you didn't set the zones and simply want to know what the structure of the workout is you will find it in the session description.

Each session contains all the information you need.

*Please note, to access the detailed description of your workout including zones as well as other functionality like zwift connectivity and garmin files you will need a premium subscription. MX Endurance members receive 50% off a premium Today's Plan account. Contact [email protected] if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Step 10

The next step is to set up your connections to Today's Plan. If you want to have your workout files automatically update to Today's Plan or want to have your bike sessions appear in your Zwift account you can link all of these in the connections section of your account.

To access this menu hit the window in top right of the screen that has your display name.

That menu is wheew you will find most of the information you need.

Once you click on 'Account' you will be able to select 'Connections' to open up a list of all the available 3rd party systems you can connect to. Select the options that are relevant to you and hit 'Connect'.

Final Thoughts

With all of this, you should now be set up and ready to use your MX Endurance training plan with the power of Today's Plan. Regardless if you have a free or premium account, you are still able to access all the required information to complete your sessions.

If you are having any issues with your today's plan account, they have an extremely comprehensive help section and multiple articles and videos to help. You can also reach out to their support team who will do whatever they can to help.

Extensive resources to help answer your questions.

If you have any other problems or concerns please do not hesitate to contact MX Endurance at: [email protected].