The MX Endurance podcast was started in 2012 by Chris McCormack and Michael Gilliam as MaccaX Uncensored and has now been running for over 8 years.

The original podcast cover art

What originally started as some of the hottest and most controversial takes in triathlon has turned into an informative and fun look at the happenings in the world of endurance sport.

Some early episode art

The MX Endurance podcast aims to talk to the biggest names in triathlon and provide interesting and alternative views from the many different facets of the sport.

The show has hosted multiple World Champions from all distances including Olympic medalists, Kona and 70.3 World Champions as well as rising stars and triathlon professionals from around the world.

The show is now hosted by Tim Ford and James Bale who are both huge fans of the sport. Tim and James come from different backgrounds with different journeys through the sport but are able to use their differences to provide light hearted, fun and informative discussion as well as ask questions that wouldn’t normally be asked.

James and Tim

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About Chris McCormack

Four-Time Triathlon World Champion

With four World Championship titles to his name and countless more international race wins, Chris McCormack is one of the most successful athletes in the history of triathlon. The only male athlete to conquer every triathlon distance with World Championship gold, Macca is considered the most complete multisport athlete ever and the catalyst of the emerging new age triathlon talent that is flawless at swimming, biking and running.

About James Bale

James Bale has anchored his life around endurance sports, taking up triathlon in 1998 at the age of 13, he has followed the sport as it evolved from the 90s, through the 2000s and onwards. Having competed at all distances up to Ironman, James now puts the majority of his own efforts into helping others achieve their goals no matter where the starting point. James has many years working as a writer for multiple publications and organisations including Super League Triathlon.

About Tim Ford

Tim Ford turned his life around through triathlon, losing over 50 kg, becoming one of the top athletes in his age group, and now runs MX Endurance along side Chris. Tim is working towards a 4:05 70.3 because that was the time of his original Olympic Distance race. He only has one minute left to knock off his PB!

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