Break Your Mental Barriers

How many times has the thought entered your mind: “I can’t do this” and you find yourself spiraling and unable to complete your session or compete at the level you want to? But how many times have you pushed that thought away and been able to power through and demolish what you thought were your limits?

Too many people focus solely on physical training, not realising their most important athletic asset is their mind. It is in the mind where fatigue starts to grow unbearable, but it is also there where many competitors lock into a flow state and effort becomes effortless.

Sylvia Rayner is passionate about helping people become the most fully-realised version of themselves through inner mastery. An educator, clinical hypnotherapist, and coach, since 2011 she has worked on human performance with clients of all ages. Her mental training techniques help athletes and other high performers achieve next-level results, accelerating achievement, busting through plateaus, and marshalling post-traumatic growth.

MX Endurance is proud to partner with Sylvia to help our members overcome their own mental barriers to performance.

MX Endurance mindset expert Sylvia Rayner

“I’ve been fortunate to work with exceptional people all over the world, including Olympic and professional athletes, athletic coaches, top executives, creatives and entrepreneurs.

"We all get stuck sometimes — and know we can reach higher. Helping people free themselves from mental barriers is what gets me out of bed in the morning,” she says.

Although the main focus of her practice is Sports Hypnosis, her caseload is wide-ranging and includes pain management, smoking cessation, addictions, fears/phobias, anxiety and stress reduction, as well as other issues that have proved difficult to treat with traditional approaches, or where a complementary/holistic approach is desired.

(Header Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash)