MX Endurance has members all over the world and we want to see how long it will take for our members to collectively swim, bike and run their way around the planet.

The Earth has a circumference of 40,075km or 24,901 miles!

From August 1 we will be tallying all of our members swim, bike and run training to travel the circumference of the planet as quickly as possible.

This team effort needs each and everyone of our MX Endurance members. No workout is too small. Whether you are only running 1 mile or riding 100km no workout is too big or too small. Every, metre, foot, KM and mile counts!

So dust off your bike, set up Zwift or jump in your local lake and do your part to help MX Endurance swim, bike and run our way around the planet.

Make sure you have connected your Strava account to your profile on our website and watch our total grow!

Some Goals

Circumference of Pluto - 7,232km or 4,494 miles.

Circumference of the Moon - 10,921km or 6,786 miles.

Circumference of Mercury - 15,329km or 9,251.1 miles.

Circumference of Mars - 21,344km or 13,263 miles

Circumference of Venus - 38,025km or 23,628 miles.

Circumference of Earth - 40,075km or 24,901 miles.