Racing Expert

Be at Your Best on Race Day

Whether you’re just getting into the sport of triathlon or have been racing for many years, there’s always something to improve in putting swim, bike, and run together on a single day -- not to mention the separate disciplines of transition and nutrition.

This is where having someone in your corner who’s been there and done that comes in handy. MX Endurance welcomes Sarah Alexander as one of our experts to answer any of your questions about racing. No question is too big or too small!

Professional Triathlete and MX Endurance Racing Expert Sarah Alexander

Sarah has put her innate desire for excellence into everything she sets her hand to -- from competitive figure skating in high school, the varsity rowing team in university at Dartmouth, academics (MBA from Chicago Business School), to going full-time as a professional triathlete with eyes set on Olympic qualification.

Having grown from a first-time triathlete with a full-time consulting job to a full-time professional triathlete racing the best in the world over the past several years, Sarah has the experience and expertise to weigh in on any questions: from gear selection, to race morning logistics, to packing lists, to international race travel, to setting priorities and creating a schedule that balances life and training.

“Sport has been a source of empowerment in my life since a young age, and I’ve always been passionate about sharing that experience with others to help them find strength and confidence in themselves,” Sarah says.

What is the biggest mistake to make when racing? While “trying new things on race day” is the common answer, Sarah reveals that your biggest mistake can be hoping for something special to happen on race day.

“While I have met people who are ‘racers’ and are able to pull out performances on race day that we don’t see in training, they are few and far between. I am a big believer in practicing the performance — my coach refers to it as ‘training to meet and exceed the demands of competition’— so on race day, the process is nothing different from what you’ve executed day-in and day-out in training! I find that racing is much less scary when you embrace this approach.”

While Sarah only discovered triathlon after graduating from uni, her years of training and racing in the sport have enabled her to discover a new level of self-knowledge, inner strength, and life perspective. She hope to inspire and empower others through her journey.

“I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise to help MX Endurance athletes break their big goals into digestible steps and set themselves up to blow away the competition!”