If last night’s shrimp cocktail isn’t sitting right, or that leftover takeaway in the fridge has given you the runs, there’s usually nothing you can do but let things take their course. But what if you’ve got a race on the horizon? How do you make sure you’ve replenished everything you’ve lost?

An MX Endurance member asked, “In eight days I'll be racing... Unfortunately a week ago I got pretty sick. Starting to come good again, but training has been a no-go for a whole week. My sickness involved an episode of vicious vomiting, bit of diarrhea, complete loss of appetite and very little till no energy. On top of that, a bad cold with a very sore throat.

“The first three days of being sick I had sports nutrition, one to two electrolyte tablets, and lots of water. By Wednesday had a bit of solids again. Because this is so close to racing I was wondering if you can recommend any type of nutrition in particular that might be good for me to use.”

Chris McCormack replied: “Fluids are key, but really try and get all those micronutrient and mineral stores back up. You will be big-time depleted and you cannot rush the return of the foods. Stick to high-nutrient foods with easy digestability and nothing too heavy. Pull your proteins out of vegetable and legumes more than the meats, but if meat go the fish or white meats.”

MX Endurance sports dietitian Chloe McLeod concurred. She said, “Really get stuck into the fluids and electrolytes so you're rehydrated. I'd suggest to keep everything pretty plain until you're feeling good again, with plenty of carbs to help return your energy levels to normal, and plenty of veggies/fruits that sit comfortably for the micronutrient/mineral content.

“Get plenty of rest - the training is done, so let's get you well for the race!

“Also, the other thing I love to suggest is the following. It doesn't taste good, so wait until your stomach has settled. Blend together 1tsp each turmeric and ginger, a little cracked pepper and some blueberries with 1/2 cup water to help you get better.”

(Photo by Kristopher Patterson on Unsplash)