With travel restricted and no races on the horizon, MX Endurance is excited to host a training weekend in Newcastle, NSW in November.

Newcastle is an ideal training location with an abundance of swim, bike and run training options and only a short drive from Sydney with direct flights from most major cities.

Aim to arrive on Friday the 11th of December for a full weekend of swimming, biking and running.

This weekend will be perfect for those people who are lacking motivation and want to have a weekend of swim, bike and run to help get their mojo back. There will be lots of opportunities to enjoy the company of other triathletes while doing the sports that we love.

Weekend Schedule

Friday December 11

  • 19:30 - Welcome Dinner - Location TBA

Saturday December 12

  • 07:00 - Ride - 100 - 120 km group ride + 5km run off the bike (build)
  • 13:00 - Open Water Swim - Bar Beach (Bring a wetsuit)
  • 16:00 - Run Session
  • 18:00 - Dinner

Sunday December 13

  • 07:00 - Ride - 100 - 120km group ride
  • 13:00 - LSD Run
  • Evening - Head home

This will be a fully self-supported weekend. That means you need to carry all the equipment and nutrition you need for the rides and runs.

These experiences provide an opportunity to get to know your fellow MX Endurance members and put in some serious training alongside other motivated athletes. It will not be an excuse to hunt for Strava segments or to try and show off how high your FTP is.

Newcastle is a short drive from Sydney and has a range of accommodation options available. We encourage you to share accommodation with other MX members and come ready to test yourself in a safe and fun training environment.

We will start with some talks around basic bunch etiquette to make sure everyone is comfortable riding with other people.

We will also be giving away some prizes over the weekend and will aim to get some samples from some of our product partners.

The cost for this weekend is $250USD including a 12 month MX Social membership. Existing MX members save $100 when signing up and can access the code by contacting [email protected].

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