During the month of July, we want to challenge our MX Endurance members to a different type of challenge.

Who can log the fastest 1km (.6 mile) possible. This is a 1km with a difference. You can take AS LONG AS YOU WANT to complete the 1km.

Do it as a series of 200m repeats with 10 minutes in between. Do it as a series of 10m sprints. We don't care. All we want to see is the shortest period of time to cover 1000m.

After you have completed your 1km time, head into the MX Endurance FB group and comment with your 1km time and your actual time for us to fill out the leaderboard.

Banter, cheating and trash talking is encouraged!

Good luck!


  1. Hans Cools - 0:19 - 0:19
  2. Caroline Ashford - 0:26 - 0:27
  3. Tim Ford - 2:42 - 16:10