Mobility Expert

Move the Way Nature Intended

The human body is naturally designed to run, but the modern lifestyle of excessive sitting and lack of physical activity has led to muscle and posture imbalances occurring more regularly. This imbalances can greatly hinder our physical activity and can reduce our capacity to perform the running, swimming and cycling movement at a high level. It is the inability to move correctly that will increase the likelihood of getting an injury.

MX Endurance is pleased to have Luke Taylor on board as our Mobility Expert, providing our members with content specific to the demands of balancing triathlon and the rest of your life. He works with a number of New Zealand-based triathletes (amateurs and professionals) out of his own practice Taylored Health & Performance in Hamilton, and understands the specific demands of our sport.

Luke has an amazing story which has seen him create his own holistic approach to mobility. His expertise is particularly relevant for age groupers with office jobs or other tasks which involve repetitive movement.

He has found that excessive sitting (and the imbalances it creates: anterior or forward pelvic tilt and rounded shoulders) causes the biggest problem for swimmers, cyclists, and runners today. “If not addressed, injury is a matter of time,” Luke warns.

Luke was diagnosed with a flexibility disorder and was in and out of physio and osteopath offices from a very young age. This sparked his desire to study sports science and become a physiotherapist. His own three-year struggle with returning to running after playing a season of rugby while injured spurred him to create the Taylored Method, which is designed to uncover underlying chronic issues that hold one back from achieving full physical potential.

“Traditional medicine had no answer so it was not until I looked deeper beyond just the physical component and identified I was struggling with underlying issues (gut health & adrenal stress) that left my body in a stressed state unable to heal. Once I addressed these underlying issues I quickly saw improvements and was able to run again,” says Luke.

He put the Taylored Method to further testing by training for triathlon and eventually doing an Ironman. Luke says, “I chose an Ironman because to me it epitomises athletic potential of the human body while combined with the need for time management strategies as it is such a consuming endeavor, capturing my clients’ two biggest focus areas: performance and time management.”

After completing Ironman New Zealand in under 11 hours and representing the country in age group world championships in Rotterdam and the Gold Coast, he has set his sights on qualifying for the Ironman World Championship.

“My goal is to empower others to push their boundaries and open themselves up to opportunities they once thought were unattainable.”

More about Luke:

  • Postgraduate Diploma In Sport & Exercise Science
  • REPs Registered
  • Trigger Point Performance Foam Rolling (Level 1)
  • Endorsed Stress Managment Provider (SMEAEP)
  • Certified Sports Medic
  • Certified First Aid