Triathlon Coach

Brett Weick is a multiple Ironman athlete, Kona qualifier, and triathlon coach based on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. MX Endurance is proud to work with Brett and share in his passion to see people succeed and enjoy the sport they are investing their time and energy in.

“I enjoy working with anyone who is passionate about triathlon and just loves the process of improving themselves. I don't care how fast anyone is, just that they love to have a crack, get the work done, enjoy the race and most importantly celebrate the result.”

Brett believes in the value of a long-term commitment between coach and athlete. “I know I won't see the best results out of one race build; the best results have always come from people who will commit to a process over 2 or 3 races to really work out how to get the best result they are capable of.

“It amazes me how everyone is different and I really enjoy working with people to find a balance that works for them to get the best result they can with the time available outside of work, family and social life.”

Brett grew up playing golf and cricket and running cross-country in school. While he originally intended to turn pro in golf, working full-time in the building industry as a designer took time away from pursuing that goal. He rediscovered running in 2009 then switched to triathlon and fell in love with long course racing, qualifying for and racing the Ironman World Championship in 2016.

He took the Foundation Coaching course with Triathlon Australia in 2019 and is currently a full-time university student finishing Exercise and Sport Science at Charles Sturt University. He says, “I am lucky that I am now able to step away from full-time work to take the plunge and move into a uni degree at age 36 that will allow me to learn the scientific approach that goes into getting the best out of our bodies. I am hoping to be able to pass that on to any athletes that want to work with me to achieve that.”

Find him on Instagram @run_brett_run and on Facebook.