Mindset Training

Let Your Mindset Power Your Performance

We can all be at the same fitness level, same skill level, same strength and compete on the same equipment. The person who has the most resilient, focused and fine-tuned mindset – that’s the winner!

Even if you’re not in it to win it, you’re in it to do your best. Your best is only achieved when your mental and emotional strength is as well trained as all the other equations of your sport.

Mental strength training teaches you habits, tools, and strategies to optimize your life.

World famous sports psychologist Michael Gervais defines our mindset as “a particular attitude or disposition to something that’s about to happen, and a purposeful mindset has intent, control and will that you’re implying about HOW you want to experience the future moment. So a mindset literally is a filter and a projector.

As a filter, your mindset filters how you interpret what’s happening in your life. As the projector, your mindset projects the way you want to be in the future.

In the same way that your triathlon coach can’t do the physical training for you to improve your performance, you can’t allow your unhelpful thoughts and emotions to limit your full potential.

Mental strength training is about understanding yourself better than ever before, boosting your emotional intelligence, confidence and mental resilience, creating clarity, focus and alignment and so much more.

Robbo is excited about coming onboard MX Endurance. He says, “I thrive on the energy of humans pushing to be the best version of themselves and it energises me when I can teach people how to tap into their inner excellence.

“I’ve been an athlete, therapist and coach in High Performance Sport for almost 15 years and My coaching philosophy is: I aim to help my athletes become better people, which in turn will help them become better athletes.

“I’m excited to get feedback from the MX community of the ‘a-ha!’ moments you create for yourself when you put the mental strength training into practice and when you FEEL the benefits of this training.

“There’s immense power and positive impact when communities like MX collaborate with the common vision to enable humans to learn, grow and develop.”

Brett Robbo Robinson is a High Performance and Mindset Life Coach, working with elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and academic and corporate clients pursuing excellence. He is also the host of the podcast ‘Your Life Of Impact’ that hit #1 on the Australian iTunes New & Noteworthy, inspiring people to tap into their inner excellence through inspirational stories and actionable take-homes.

Brett consults as a performance therapist to Olympic-level track-and-field athletes, Sydney Swans AFL, and various other high performance athletes and teams. He consults as a Mindset Life Coach to many individuals all around the world via online communication. Visit his website at yourlifeofimpact.com