Master your mind.

Athletes spend a disproportionate amount of time increasing strength and speed - when the greatest payoff is increasing their brain’s capacity.

To rephrase IRONMAN: without the brain, nothing is possible.

MX Endurance is proud to welcome performance mindset coach Adelaide Goodeve to our roster of experts. Adelaide brings her expertise in neuro-linguistic programming and brain endurance training to help MX Endurance members raise the bar in the coming season, racing or no racing.

performance mindset expert Adelaide Goodeve

"I truly believe there’s never been a better time to transform your mindset and push your limits to achieve things you never thought possible."

As Adelaide has discovered first hand, without a well-conditioned brain nothing is possible.

"My journey as a performance coach started when I was told I would never live a normal life due to severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and that my health would likely get worse," she says.

"About four years later, I learned how to re-wire my brain and I fully recovered in just 3 days. Now, I run a successful performance coaching business, completed many expeditions and two Ironmans, including qualifying for the 2020/1 Family Challenge World Championships.

"I’ve had athletes tell me it’s impossible for them to be a fast swimmer, knock seconds off their Paralympic time trail or smash records. And yet, they’ve gone on to smash records, knock up to 40 minutes off their race times, shave 2 seconds off their time trials and be the first out of the water for the first time in their career."

This is because the athlete with the best-prepared body can still lose to the athlete with the best-prepared brain.

Not only can athletes sabotage their performance by having limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, unhelpful feelings, actions and behaviors in and outside of their sport, but they’re also up against mental fatigue and outside forces they can't control e.g. weather and a global pandemic.

To best handle these situations and perform at your best on a consistent basis no matter what, you need to deliberately train your brain to increase its mental and physical capacity.

Think of mindset training as going to the ‘brain gym’, where you push your brain to work harder and train it to be more resilient to fatigue (when used correctly) - just like when you train your body.

During your training session you work your body physically hard to create the adaptions of improved strength, endurance and speed.

Adelaide does the same with your brain for taking your performance to the next level in triathlon.

"Once you master your mind and brain like a total boss, you’ll be amazed at how your performance suddenly goes into turbocharged mode - I’m not talking years, I’m talking big shifts in hours, days and weeks.

"I’m looking forward to helping MX Endurance athletes to not just get through this crazy time, but to thrive."